Students and job applicants

Welcome to explore career options!

Pesti Career Day offers a rare opportunity to network with employers and company representatives. So do not miss out on this opportunity! The event is open for everyone interested. 

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Pesti 2021 will only be held online. 

Start preparing for the job search now and get to know the participating employers through the Pesti company database. There you can find the information on companies, who are taking part in Pesti 2021. The database is open the whole spring of 2021. Based on the job advertisements you can apply for summer jobs, masters’ thesis positions and part- or full-time jobs. Employers will also tell about their recruitment methods and possible recruitment events. 

You can find the database on our website, but also in Pesti-mobile app! In the company profiles, employers will inform how they wish job applicants to apply for their open positions. If an employer has not specified a closing date for applications, you should send out your application before Pesti. Some employers will hold virtual meetings. They will be announced in their company profiles.  

Gather information on interesting employers and get to know their recruitment methods. If you do not find any open positions that suit you, put your efforts in to career planning and collect useful knowledge for the future on employers’ recruitment principles, and get to know the company representatives. It’s now up to you the most out of this opportunity! 

Get more info on upcoming things and tips for job searching by following Pesti on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and by downloading the Pesti-app.