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We are interested in cooperation with the student organizations of technical fields (Oulun Teekkariyhdistys ry, the guilds of students of technology, and the guild of information processing science.)

Yes, our contact information can be given to the representatives of these student organizations.

Additional information

The registration fee is € 200 (VAT 0) and includes participation in the Pesti 2021 event, as well as a presentation on the Pest website and a mobile application. The purpose of the presentation material is to facilitate students' preparation for the Pesti recruitment event and to serve as a source of information about companies for students. If the event is canceled due to the corona situation, the presentations will remain visible on the website and in the application.

The stand reservations will take place later. The price of a stand reservation is 260 € (VAT 0) + depending on the location of the department place 120 € or 150 € per square meter (VAT 0). The price of a department seat depends on its size and location.

24% VAT is added to all prices in the price list. The registration fee and stand rental will be charged after the event. The exhibition builder charges the wall structure and furniture rents separately. Cancellations made after 4.1.2021 will be subject to the full registration and reservation price.

Registration is binding. The event may need to be canceled on a quick schedule due to the corona situation. In this case, the registration fee (€ 200 + VAT 24%) will not be refunded. The registration fee includes a presentation on the Pest website and in the application even if the event is canceled.

We are only interested in attending remotely due to the uncertain corona situation.

Your registration will be received by:
Tommi Portti, Teekkarilupi Oy