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Pesti Career Day 2021 is online

Due to the rapid deterioration of the corona situation in Oulu and Finland as a whole, we ended up canceling the Pesti 2021 campus event.

The Pesti Career Day campus event will be replaced by the company register on Pesti’s website, where it is possible to put a presentation text about your company. The purpose of company presentations is to comprehensively make employers visible for students to visit the same place. The company presentation can be accompanied by videos or links to, for example, Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings, which each exhibitor can organize on their own. Presentations can also include questions or interviews that students can answer, for example, with their own video or message to the address provided by the presenter.

The purpose of Pesti Career Day is to bring students and employers together, so contact information or other means of communication should be included in the presentation so that you can get the most out of the remote event as well. You should also present possible summer and thesis jobs and tell you how to apply for them. If your company arranges its own recruitment account, you can also bring it out to students through Pesti.

We will generally advertise the Pesti remote event to students on Pesti’s communication channels, for example, and the presentations will be visible throughout the spring as a job search for students. In general, we advertise that the presentations culminate in the original event week of Pest (the week beginning 18.1.2021), when participating companies can arrange remote meetings for students in the ways indicated in the presentation of the Pesti Website.

If you have already registered for the Pesti 2021 event, your registration for the remote event will be retained and no new registration is required.

Pesti Career Day

Job seekers have a great opportunity to discuss with recruiting experts during the day, network and find useful tips for planning your career, as well as practical guidelines for job search. The event is free of charge and everyone looking for new career opportunities are welcome to Pesti Career Day and Linnanmaa campus!

For employers we offer a well-functioning exhibition package. During the day, you can meet students from all fields of study. Employers are also presented in Pesti’s business database, which is available to students for job search before and after the event on our website.

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