Feedback questionaire



Fill in the answers to the questions below on a scale of 5-1 (excellent - poor), or 0 if you cannot say or the question is not applicable in your case.

Job applications and applicants

Contacts during the event

How satisfied were you with the candidates

For a permanent job

For thesis work

For traineeships

Arrangements of the event

Services before the event


Services during the event


General impression of exhibition area

Rented stand constructions

Meeting rooms for interviews

Coat check service

Information materials

The importance of additional facilitiess

Meeting rooms for interviews

The importance of information channels

Pesti mobile app

Pesti web pages

Social media

Estimated amount of visitors in your stand:

Estimated amount of persons hired on basis of the event:

Permanent employees:

Thesis workers:


Please feel free to comment or add any ideas you feel would benefit the event: